Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Condolences to Kevin Ward, Tony Stewart is Blameless

The staff at FHR Publishing sends our condolences to the family of Kevin Ward Jr. for their loss.  We also suggest that, based upon the current publicly available evidence, the public refrain from blaming Tony Stewart.  While the investigation is ongoing, even the investigating officer has said that, so far, there is no evidence of criminal intent.

While simply being a racing fan does not make anyone an expert, it does usually give them enough knowledge of the customs to be able to speak a little bit towards an incident like this.  Being a race fan also means that when something like this happens, there is a sense of being compelled to render an opinion.

Some things of note to the FHR Publishing staff include:
  1. Ward was outside his car, on a poorly lit track, wearing a black firesuit.
  2. Spring cars have poor visibility, especially on the driver's right side of the car.
  3. Traction on a clay track is dicey at best.
  4. Ward sought out a confrontation.
  5. Ward approached Stewart's car, and may have actually stepped in front of it, instead of trying to make his point while maintaining a safe distance.
  6. Ward didn't have any safety personnel by him at the time of the accident, to keep him from acting too aggressively.
  7. Drivers generally keep to a code, that doing anything that puts drivers at serious risk is something they won't do.  That's why, at dangerous tracks like Daytona and Talladega, where packs of cars are drafting inches apart at 220 mph, drivers will avoid being too aggressive until the last few laps.  As such, it is unconscionable that any driver would intentionally aim their car at an unprotected human being.  On a slow track like Bristol, spinning another car might be fair game, but making contact with any person is always off-limits, drivers just will never do that because they know they could potentially kill someone.
  8. Stewart appeared to try to swerve at the last minute to avoid Ward.  Evidence of this includes the fact that it was the rear tire that made contact with Ward.  If Stewart had been going straight the front tire would have also made contact.
  9. The initial contact between the cars, which resulted in Ward's car spinning, is a common occurrence in sprint car racing.
In the end, the staff at FHR Publishing feels strongly that the facts available at the moment support a conclusion that Stewart is probably blameless in this tragic incident.  Of course, should new facts emerge, this opinion is open to revision.

We seek no ill will towards Ward's family, and are not looking to tarnish Ward's name.  However, similar to the accident that claimed the life of driver Paul Dana a few years back, reflecting on the actions of all parties, and how their actions contributed to the fatal accident, is critical towards ensuring the future safety of other drivers.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Reviews So Far For "Finding a Safe-Haven"

Here are the reviews so far on Amazon for Amber Starks' book, Finding a Safe-Haven:
  • 5 star: "This story draws the reader into an adventure that is sure to please. If you enjoy stories about survival and how people discover their strengths in times of hardship, I think you'll enjoy this book. Read the first few chapters. Interesting so far. Hope the ending is good."
  • 5 star: "This is a fascinating look at what may be ahead. Amber Starks is a first-rate author. Thomas Weston, author of "Fired Up! (Memoir of a Deranged Arsonist)."
  • 4 star: "Amber Starks has bullied her way onto the scene with Finding A Safe Haven, her debut novel, offering up some logical advice to consider when confronted with the zombie apocalypse. A story that pays homage to Dawn of the Dead, and The Walking Dead, Safe Haven will make for a fun read for anyone interested in the zombie genre. The characters are believable, the antagonist is thought-provoking, the scenes described in a way to hold one's interest. Well done."
You can find Amber's book here:  Finding a Safe-Haven

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Finding A Safe-haven now live on Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Amber Starks' new book, Finding a Safe-haven, is now available for purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  The book is part 1of her new series, Brenna's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse. 

Finding a Safe-haven - Amazon.com
Finding a Safe-haven - Barnes and Noble


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Brenna' Guide Book 1, "Finding A Safehaven" Release Date Announced

FHR Publishing is excited to annnounce that Book 1 of Amber Starks new series, Brenna's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse, will be out on Tuesday, April 30.  The book will be titled "Finding a Safehaven."

Geared toward young adults, it will be the 1st person narrative given by Brenna, a teenage girl, as the apocalypse event occurs. 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cover & Title, Amber's 1st Book

Amber's first book, which will be out within the next few weeks, will be called "Finding a Safe-Haven."  It is the first in her new series, "Brenna's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse."
Below is the cover image for the book.

You can read the introduction to the book here: (Introduction)

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pictures from Holy Hill

I took a few pictures at Holy Hill last week, and thought I would post them.  These pictures don't do justice to the impressive nature of the site.

As I mentioned before, Holy Hill will be a significant sight in my upcoming fiction novel, which is in the editing stages and will hopefully be out in a few weeks.

The Basilica, from the north, about 1 mile away.  April 2013

The Basilica, from the parking lot near the bottom of the hill, with the old guesthouse in front of it.  April 2013
For more information, view my previous post here (Location Revealed

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Location Revealed

Amber Starks has revealed news concerning upcoming book, the currently untitled first book in her series "Brenna's Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse."  The book will prominently feature an exciting real-life location, the Basilica at Holy Hill.  The Basilica will become a refuge for survivors of the fictional apocalypse that takes place in her book.

For those who are not familiar with the Milwaukee area, the Basilica is a Catholic shrine built on top of one of the tallest hills in the scenic Kettle Moraines.  Catholics and non-catholics alike have enjoyed the serenity of the site.  Some of the features Amber has enjoyed include:
  • Climbing the 178 stairs to the top of the scenic tower overlooking the Kettle Moraines.
  • Exploring the various hiking trails on the grounds.
  • Walking the trail up the hill, with 14 grottoes depicting the various stages of the cross.
  • Exploring the beautiful Basilica.
  • Enjoying a picnic lunch on the grounds.
  • Enjoying a bowl of soup in the wonderful cafe.
Amber encourages all fans, whether they are religious or non-religious, to enjoy the grounds and all they have to offer, and looks forward to introducing fans to the site in her upcoming book.